Do You Have Vacation Peace of Mind?

Are you getting ready for a little vacation time?

It’s July and the long awaited vacation season is here!

With all of the planning you’ve done there probably is one thing that you haven’t considered… Is your vehicle ready?

Most likely the family vehicle will be asked to do more and perform at its best. Is it ready? Let’s take a look at stress and extra performance you will expect it to provide.

Loaded with the entire family (including the family pet) and all the gear that accompanies your family on vacation your vehicle may be a little overloaded (or a lot!) The electrical system is going to be pushed to the max with all the electronics we use today. Charging cell phones, running GPS units, the kid’s games, music and more demand that the battery and electrical system are tip-top. The Air Conditioning needs to deliver maximum performance with most vacations heading to sun and fun. Your vehicles cooling system will need to keep your engine in a constant temperature range with the additional load of cargo, possible stop and go traffic and the extended distances you’ll be driving. Then you should consider the condition of your brakes (stop and go traffic again), the performance of your engine – gas prices aren’t going down so you’ll want the best fuel economy you can get! Thinking about fuel economy, are your tires in good shape for the trip? Are they inflated properly? Is the spare tire inflated? (At J’s Auto Service we always check your spare tire with every oil change.)

You vacation needs to be a time for fun and relaxation. Not a time for unscheduled break-downs and sitting on the side of the road in familiar or unfamiliar destinations. Thousands of travelers sit, waiting for help every year. Don’t take the chance of this happening to you and your family during your vacation.

In most cases break-downs may have been avoided by having a complete and thorough pre-travel inspection. Make this simple step a vacation or travel “must do” and have your vacation be the one you remember for years and not the one you can’t wait to forget.

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