J’s Auto Service saved me approximately $1000

J’s Auto Service investigated a diagnosis provided by a [Mazda] dealership for a $1,500 head gasket repair on my 2003 Mazda 6 sedan. Upon just hearing the symptoms of a burning oil odor in the engine, co-owner John Carr had immediately suspected that the dealership diagnosis was incorrect. In fact, John had mentioned that an oil smell of this nature is very rarely associated with a head gasket issue. After looking at the engine and valve covers/surfaces, it was discovered that the problem was actually much smaller and less expensive to repair; only the valve covers gaskets needed to be replaced. In the end, J’s Auto Service saved me approximately $1,000 worth of money that I would have needlessly spent at the dealership for an otherwise costly misdiagnosis.

Member Comments:

For many years, I’ve resorted to and entrusted a Mazda dealership that apparently won numerous service awards over the years. Believe me when I say that I wouldn’t typically go to a dealership unless I felt it was worth my time and money. So when Mazda told me about a $1,500 head gasket repair, I immediately assumed that they were being honest. After all, my car is approaching 10 years of age, so I thought that maybe it was possible for a head gasket issue to surface at this point in time. A close friend of mine, however, recommended that I get a second opinion since as I was also contemplating just getting a new vehicle instead of going through with the repair; I simply figured that the cost to repair was basically very close to the Kelley Bluebook value of my car (~$2400), so why spend the money if the repair cost and car value are not too far apart? Though, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to having monthly car payments again as my current car has been paid off for a few years.
I’m so glad that I followed my friend’s advice because it seems nearly impossible to find honest car repairmen. In the end, J’s Auto Service saved me nearly $1,000 that the Mazda dealership would have essentially stole from me. An interesting part to note here: if I had gone through the head gasket repair at Mazda, they would have had to replace the valve cover gaskets anyway while replacing the head gasket itself. So, ultimately, my issue would have been resolved, but only by deception, since they would have been charging to replace more than what was necessary. Moving forward, I will be using J’s Auto Service for all of my future car repairs and general car maintenance.

Their service was helpful, friendly and most importantly, honest!


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